Eastwood Baptist Church

Gatesville, Texas

"Sharing, caring & inspiring

for Jesus"...

...since 1953


Eastwood Baptist Church sits on a 1.83 acre site located on Main Street (U.S. Highway 84) in Gatesville, Texas. The site includes parking in the front and rear of the main building complex and handicapped parking and access in both the front and rear of the building as well as an outdoor children's play area in the rear of the building. The building complex consists of a worship center and welcome area, fellowship area and kitchen, education space including spaces for adults, youth and children, and church and staff offices.

Worship Center

The current 302-seat worship center was completed and dedicated during Eastwood's 50th anniversary celebration in October of 2003. The worship center features an open platform design to accomodate a praise and worship team for services and to allow space for special events and seasonal programs. Theatrical lighting enhances the platform and allows it to be divided in lighting areas for effect. Modern sound equipment and remote microphones complete the effect and provide for worship that flows easily and allows those in attendance to worship without distraction. The baptistry is an open design concept which allows family and friends to be present during baptism if desired.

Fellowship Area

The fellowship area has flexible table seating for informal meetings, meals and fellowship times. It is equipped with a full, commercial kitchen and serving area, completed in 2013, for meal preparation and storage for fellowship meals, receptions and other food preparation needs.

Education Space

Education space provides Sunday School rooms for adults, youth and children and also provides space for children and youth activities and practice space for the puppet ministry. The education wing also has a dedicated "youth room" for youth of the church to visit and conduct Bible study.

Church Offices

Church office space includes the main church office accessible from the front (Main street side) of the building; a pastor's study and attached conference room; a music suite with office space as well as rehearsal space, recording space and music storage; and office space for the youth and children's directors.

Children's Play Area

A fenced play area with playground equipment is provide for our younger children.